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Needham New April 6th, 2020

Reflections on Home-Based Learning

As you now find yourselves a couple weeks into home-based learning, I want to remind you that students will likely average about 3 hours of school-work per day. As a working parent myself, I know juggling your own work and home-based learning can be a huge challenge!  Some days might be more, and other days might be less. Have grace for yourself and your child(ren), as everyone develops routines and systems that work best for your own circumstances. If you are concerned with the amount of work, either too much or too little, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher for support.  We are all here to help!

Weekly Check-ins

Our goal is to make sure we’re checking in with all of our Needham students weekly!  This could look like many different things in our current model, such as student’s attending virtual meetings, emails and phone calls with teachers, or students sending in digital work.  Another way families can check-in is by submitting daily attendance. Whether you complete the form sent daily via email, or call into Needham’s office line at 970-247-4791, this helps us ensure we are meeting the needs of everyone in our school family! If the office or teachers aren’t hearing from you, expect for a member of our team to reach out on a weekly basis to make sure everything is okay.  

Weekly Materials Pickup

A reminder that pick-up of physical copies happens weekly on Thursdays from 3pm-7pm and Fridays from 7am-11am.  If you are needing copies of materials that have also been shared digitally and would like to pick up items weekly, please communicate this with your child’s classroom teacher.  

Just a note to digital learners who are not picking up the paper packets: We do not expect you to print these at home! All of the assignments and activities can be completed/recreated on journal paper or blank paper of your choice at home. If you need help with how to do this, please reach out. Many of you have been doing a great job! (One teacher even saw a photo of some innovative sidewalk chalk math - don’t hesitate to get creative!) 

If you are in need of basic school supplies to complete your child’s home-based work, please complete the request form here and they’ll be available during our weekly material’s pickup time listed above.  Again, we appreciate everyone’s feedback, flexibility and support as our entire team adjusts to new ways of supporting our Needham students and families. 

With gratitude, 

Dr. Laurie Rossback, Principal 

Mr. Riley Alderton, Assistant Principal