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Health Office News from Nurse Judy

As each school year begins, we usually encounter a few
cases of head lice. Lice are common among elementary school aged
children. We ask that parents observe their children for:

• Excessive scratching of their heads.
• Complaints that their heads are extra itchy.
• Redness around the back of the neck or around the ears.
• Nits (eggs) attached to the hair that do not flake off.
For treatment over the counter shampoo is available. Always read the directions and repeat as directed on package. I have a small supply of shampoo in my office.
We will be starting the Manna Food Program in the next few weeks. Manna provides food for students and families to help over the weekends. We send home the reusable bags of canned and boxed food every other Friday. If you would like to receive the Friday Manna bag, contact me here at Needham.
Feel free to call me here at school with any questions that
you may have. My ext. is 3603.
Thank you!