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Happenings in the Art Room Sept 7th

Kinder: Beginning of the year self portraits. I hang onto these until May when we do an end of the year self portrait and compare to hopefully see tons of growth!
1st Grade: Landscapes focusing on patterns using lines, shapes, and color.
2nd Grade: Collage landscapes using paper to show different mountain layers.
3rd Grade: Paper sculptures using twilling paper.
4th Grade: Large scale flower paintings inspired by Georgia O’Keefe using analogous colors for blending and mixing.
5th Grade: Collograph printing and monoprinting. Collagraph printing is similar to creating stamps but using foam cut outs on cardboard and rolling ink on the foam to print a picture. Monoprinting is where the students will paint on plexiglass and print onto paper.
Progress Indicators:
  • Safe habits in Art Room
  • Generating and testing solutions
  • Art is a process
  • Elements of Art
All artwork from the first 2 weeks of school is hanging in the 9-R boardroom downtown. Please go see the collaborative piece that your student helped create! All artwork mentioned above will be on display as soon as it is finished. Please let me know if you are an interested parent in hanging artwork! My contact info is kpatrum@durangoschools.org or 970-247-4791 ext 3626
Thank you for your time!
Karen Patrum