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Needham News April 20th, 2020

Weekly Materials Pick-up times: The weekly materials pickup times are on Thursdays from 3pm-7pm and Fridays from 7 am-11 am.  We appreciate those of you who are swinging by to pick up items weekly. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you need to change how you’d like materials delivered.

Academic Calendar Updates for the 20-21 School Year can be found in the news story below.  The biggest change is that we DO NOT have early release Mondays.  Rather, we will have one Monday per month off for students, where our staff will be engaged in professional development and planning for student learning. 

A Word of Encouragement from Needham’s Social Emotional Learning Team on Working With Resistant Kids:

During this time, fatigue is now setting in, the newness of doing school from home has worn off and the kids are missing their social interactions and teachers. This is tough. This is tough for kids, but also you, the parents. 

Early on we had sent out schedules and tips, but now that we are really in it. I thought we might move from theory, into practice and what this truly looks like in our homes. I recognize each of our homes operates differently and variables change based on how many adults are in the house, how many kids are in the house, special needs and how old the kids are. And that is just to name a few of the things that can influence how we function in our homes.

So, let me share some things that will hopefully help you, if you or your child(ren) are struggling to “do” school.

  • Routine-Keep one! Get up at the same time during the week, eat breakfast at the same time, get dressed, have everyone help do chores! Get outside every day, go to bed at the same time.
  • School Schedule- Chunk it! Do a bit, take a break, do a bit more, take a break. Notice if your kids are more motivated in the morning or at the beginning of the week, use that to your advantage. Or, schedule their independent or on-line times around your busiest work times-example: I have my child do Zearn Math or I-Ready on-line when I need focused time to get my work done.
  • You don’t have to do it all!-Being a working parent, managing other kids, trying to do school work with your child is hard stuff.  Give yourself a break. Do what you can. If you can only do core academics (Reading, Writing, Math) then do that, let the rest go. Yes, your child will have an incomplete on their report card, but be okay with recognizing we can’t do it all. You do not have to coordinate every moment of the day. Let your kids get bored, it sparks creativity!
  • Reach out to the teacher, weekly! Make sure you are staying in contact. Communicate on how you, the parent, are managing, how the workload is for your child or what you need. This will help them better support you and your child.
  • Some days are better than others. Some days your kids want to do school and some days they don’t. It is okay! Try strategies, like I do one, you do one, I read, you read. For younger kids, highlight words/numbers then they trace them, use non-preferred activity partnered with a prefered activity. (handwriting, then on-line RAZ KIDS), do quality, over quantity, give choice, offer two assignments and let them choose which they would like to work on, use creative means to complete assignments (chalk on the sidewalk, legos to show a math skill, video them orally presenting if they won’t write, etc.).  If they are really struggling, try again tomorrow.

In our own lives, we are having similar struggles and want you to know you are not alone. We are your Needham family and we want to help! Call the front office (247-4791) and leave a message for Ms. Laura and she will get the message to us or you can email us any time. Ultimately, you have to do what is best for your family to create balance during these challenging times.

Take care!

The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Team

Sallie Kautter, School Counselor skautter@durangoschools.org

Sarah Sablosky, SEL Interventionist ssablosky@durangoschools.org

Julie McCue, Mindset and Behavior Teacher jmccue@durangoschools.org