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November Social Emotional Learning News

Kindergarten and 1st grade can recognize the clues on a person’s face and body to notice how they are feeling. They also understand that it is okay for someone to have a different feeling than they do about the same thing. We are now working on when we make a mistake or have an accident that we stop, say, “I’m sorry, it was an accident and find a way to help or ask are you okay?” You can support this at home by having them notice others’ feelings and if they make a mistake practice these skills. It helps students get along better and have empathy for one another.

2nd grade has learned everything from school success skills such as whole body listening, positive self-talk, following directions, and being assertive to working on developing empathy for getting along with one another. They also are learning emotional management to control big emotions. Currently we are working with Mr. F’s and Miss Megan’s 2nd grade class. Ask them to talk to you about their lessons and what they are learning.

3rd grade are currently working on understanding differences and making friends. They are using the skills for learning like focusing and listening with attention to help make conversation and build connections.

4th grade has deepened their understanding of respect and empathy as well as understanding complex feelings and how to manage those. Additionally we are identifying that people can have different perspectives and identify those differences and generate prosocial responses.

5th grade can understand the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive communication and why being assertive helps you get your wants and needs met in a respectful way. They also focused on predicting feelings in different situations, just as we make predictions in a book or in math, we can also make predictions about other people based on clues on their face, body language and situation.

Lastly, as the Native American Liaison this year, I would like to acknowledge that November is Native American Heritage month. We are fortunate to live in a diverse community with the ability to learn from so many different Indigenous people. Elfrieda Begaye at Durango High School has two presentations this month that anyone is welcome to attend. Nov 9, 2021 is Native Americans Veteran Recognition. Mutton stew and fry bread will be served and FLC Skyhawk Drum Group will offer an honor song. Nov 16, 2021 will be Native American Literacy and Thanksgiving Potluck. Janine Gibbons will present and other books by Native American authors will be available. Participants are encouraged to bring a side dish, turkey will be provided as the main course.

A big thank you to all of our Veterans as well on Nov 11, 2021. We are grateful for your service! 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.


With appreciation,

Sallie Kautter, School Counselor



Sarah Sablosky, SEL interventionist