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School Supply Lists for 2017/2018


1-package of regular size glue sticks

1-watercolor set (8 colors)

1-Fiskar brand scissors

1-box of Kleenex

1-composition notebook-wide rule

1st Grade

24-#2 pencils (plain/sharpened, prefer Ticonderoga)

2-boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)

2-boxes of Crayola markers

1-box of colored pencils

8-dry erase markers

1-8oz Elmer’s white glue

8- glue sticks

5’ Frisker brand scissors

1-pencil/crayon box

1” three ring binder

2-70 page wide rule spiral notebook

2-solid color folders with 2 pockets on BOTTOM (1 red for Spanish)

1-solid color plastic folder with 2 pockets on BOTTOM

1-box Zip Lock bags- quart Boys

1-box Zip Lock bags- gallon Girls

1-large box of Kleenex

1-primary composition notebook-Office Depot (space for picture)

1-box of oil pastels

2nd Grade

24-#2 yellow pencils (real wood sharpened)

1-box of crayons (16 count)

1-large glue stick

2-pink erasers

5-pocket folders with pockets on the bottom (1 red for Spanish)

2- black/white bound composition notebooks

1-large box of facial tissues

1-box of washable markers or colored pencils (optional)

1-water bottle

1-container of disinfectant wipes

Please do not put the child’s name on the supplies as supplies are shared.

3rd Grade

1-package of wide rule lined paper

1-package of markers


1-each highlighter: yellow, green, pink

3-wide rule composition notebook

1-pack 24 Ticonderoga pencils-sharpened

1-container disinfectant wipes

1-box of Kleenex

last name A-H, quart baggies

last name I-Q, snack baggies

last name R-Z, gallon baggies

1-1/2” 3 ring binder


2-packages of glue sticks

1-package of 3x3 Post Its

1-box of colored pencils

1-box of Expo markers

2-pink erasers

4th Grade

last name A-L, thick markers

last name M-Z, thin markers

3-glue sticks

1-package of 3x3 Post Its

1-package of colored pencils

48-Ticonderoga brand pencils

1-pencil sharpener

2-boxes of Kleenex

2-packages of wide rule paper

1-container of disinfectant wipes

3-packages of Expo Dry Erase Markers

4-black/white 100+ page composition notebooks

1-pocket folder any color

1-25 pack of clear plastic sleeves

1-Water bottle

1-red folder with pockets on the BOTTOM (for Spanish)

1-box of Zip Lock bags (Boys-quart/Girls-gallon)

Grade 5

4-wide rule composition notebooks

3-packages of wide rule lined paper

48-Ticonderoga brand pencils

1-pencil sharpener

1-package pencil top erasers

4-plastic folders

1-package dry erase markers (not yellow)

1-package thin markers

4-glue sticks

1-box of Zip Lock bags (Boys-quart/Girls-gallon)

2-large tissue boxes

1-pencil bag for binder

1-package of 3x3 Post Its

1-container of disinfectant wipes

1-package of BIC colored pens (red, green or purple)

$4.00 for planner

1-folder with pockets on the BOTTOM (for Spanish)