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Durango School District 9-R and The City of Durango Work Together to Increase Safety in Public Parks at Schools


Fanto, located next to Park Elementary, and Needham, located at Needham Elementary, both host public parks in partnership with Durango School District 9-R and The City of Durango. However, during school hours, it is important to note that the parks are not available to the public for the safety and security of our students and staff. In an effort to increase awareness, Durango 9-R and the City are updating the current signage at the parks to better clearly communicate this message. Durango 9-R and the City would also like to remind citizens that these parks follow all city ordinances including the use of leashes for dogs.

“These parks are heavily used by both the schools and the public, and as school safety continues to be a top concern in our community and across the country, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure appropriate use of the parks, at appropriate times,” says Chief Operations Officer for 9-R, Andy Burns. “During school hours, these parks are for the primary use of the school, but of course will be open and available to the community at large in the late afternoons, evenings and weekends.”

Questions or concerns about the park use and access can be directed to The City of Durango. For inquiries about school use and hours, please contact Durango School District 9-R. An example of the new signs is included in this announcement, below.