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Social Emotional Learning News


  • Focused on student success skills of controlling blurting (Volcano Mouth), learning about personal space (Personal Space Camp), and learning the difference between Big and Small problems and when to warn someone of a Big (dangerous, scary, or someone could get hurt) problem. Small problems they can solve using Kelso’s Choices. These are 9 peaceful solutions to solve small problems.
  • Currently students are working on skills to help them become a better learner using their eyes, ears, calm body and quiet mouth to help them actively listen.

First Grade

  • Focused on reviewing the 9 Kelso’s Choices and Big/Small Problems. They also continued to develop their understanding by role-playing.
    • Wait and Cool Off
    • Share and take turns
    • Go to another game/activity
    • Talk it out (Use an “I” message- I feel…, when you…, Please (name the behavior you want them to do.))
    • Make a deal (Rock, Paper, Scissors, etc.)
    • Ignore it
    • Walk away
    • Apologize
    • Tell them to Stop
  • Currently students in are working on noticing and applying skills of active listening and focusing attention to help them learn and get along with their peers.

Second Grade

  • Focused on Skills for Learning.
    • Focusing attention
    • Listening (eyes, ears and brain)
    • Self-Talk
    • Being Assertive
  • Currently they are learning to notice clues on faces, bodies and the situation to determine feelings and develop skills of empathy.

Third Grade

  • Worked in smaller groups to allow more individualized skill building. The skills these groups worked on were: Student Success Skills, Decreasing Anxiety, and Building Empathy. Individualized letters will come home describing the skills and classes covered.

Fourth Grade

  • Focused on building and applying skills for empathy and skills for learning.
    • Empathy and Respect
    • Listening with attention
    • Being assertive
    • Respecting similarities and differences
    • Understanding complex feelings
    • Understanding different perspectives
    • Developing appropriate skills for conversations and compliments
    • Developing appropriate skills for joining in

Fifth Grade

  • Focused on a different topic in each of the 5th grade classes. We will alternate after Winter break and all students will get each of these topics by the end of the school year.
    • Mindful strategies and brain science
    • Application and transferring skills for empathy and skills for learning
    • Stress Management strategies and depression awareness

Please let us know if you have questions about lessons or we can provide you with additional ways to help support your children at home!


Sallie Kautter, M.A.

Needham School Counselor

(970)247-4791 x 3604