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Camp Stowaways: All the Fun of Camp without the Mosquito Bites

The student production is being directed by the powerful trio of Rye Standifer, Mila Champagne, and Gillian Reynolds. These young ladies have a great eye, and with the support of Principal Jenny McKenna, they’re creating a theatrical experience you won’t want to miss.

As the lights lift, audience members are transported to Camp Libertas where Major, played by Micah Millener, lays down the law for the campers and their families. The camp’s goal is to create independent and tough young men and women, who must say goodbye to their sleep toys and comfort objects.

Not willing to miss out on any of the action, the sleep toys and blankies come to life- some even striking out to seek adventures of their own. These adorable characters played by Jordan Kitchens, Celia Gallavan, Austin Blake, Everett Masterjohn, and Ben Masterjohn have some delightful lighthearted moments, but also show how important our loved ones and cherished objects are in comforting us when we’re far from home.

The tweens attending camp are played with just the right amount of preteen angst as they navigate the challenges of camp life, from bee stings to homesickness. Campers are portrayed by Kinley Anderson, Mira Quayle, Denny, Mena Ziegler, and Emery McLaughlin who all give a charmingly earnest performance.

The students who take on the parent roles in the play, are at times hilariously deadpan and ready to hand their kids over to the camp counselors, and at other times their overbearing nature is what brings in a laugh. Stepping into these adult roles are Micha Toliver, Evie Glick, Tava Gilpin Reynolds, Rogan Popp, Rowan Lott, Lillian Randall, Aileen McManus, Kemper Hermesman, Brennon Stocker, Evan Champagne, Alexa Blake, Sierra Eskeli, and Mason McLaughlin.

With the help of Ms. McKenna the Needham students have taken on all facets of the production, including set design, lighting, narration, costumes, and hair and makeup. Working behind the scenes are Skylar Matthews, Alyssa Tyrrell, Quincy Robinson, Maggie Glick, Cooper Rardin, Yareli Garcia, Issac Lawrence, Sunny, Granite Wadsworth, Naima Ortiz, and Wyatt Ager.

This lively comedy is perfect fun for the whole family. Be sure you’re in the audience this Friday, December 21st at 6pm, because these students put on an amazing show.