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Health Office News from Nurse Judy

With the arrival of spring and with summer right around the corner, student safety is important to all of us. Many of our students are riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards to school each day. We encourage all of our riders to wear a helmet during these activities.
Helmets provide the best protection against head and brain injuries. There are safety standards that helmets must meet. These standards assure parents that the helmets are safe. Look for a helmet with safety stickers inside such as Snell or CPSC.

Check that the helmet fits your child properly. It should feel level, fit solidly on your child’s head, and be comfortable.
Replace a helmet after any accident. Generally, they are only good for one crash.

Have fun and stay safe!
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Recycled Art!

Thank you to Mrs. Patrum, our art teacher, for organizing a great project with 5th grade. The Recycled Art showcase was a success!
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Durango School District 9-R Receives $1.1M Grant to Support School Safety

The School Security Disbursement program enacted by SB18-269 provides funding to improve security in public school facilities and vehicles and to support training for school personnel. The Colorado Division of Homeland Security made $29M in funds available to school districts across the state and Durango was awarded $1.1M in the grant to support its ongoing school safety measures.
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Awards Assemblies on April 12

We will hold two Awards Assemblies on Friday, April 12. The Assembly for grades 3-5 will be held in the multipurpose room from 8:10-8:40 a.m. The Assembly for grades K-2 will be held in the multipurpose room from 8:45-9:15 a.m.
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Thank You, PTO!

We love our PTO! At February's meeting, PTO approved two mini grants: one for an infusion of books for kindergarten classrooms, and another for books for our reading intervention and Special Education teachers. Thank you, PTO, for supporting our teachers and students!
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Open Enrollment

If you live outside of Needham's boundaries, and would like your child to continue attending Needham, please remember to fill out an Open Enrollment Application. These are due by April 15. Please see Laura in the office for more information.
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