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February SAC Meeting Cancelled

The SAC meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 27th has been cancelled. We are playing catch-up from all the snow last week. The next meeting will be Wednesday March 20th at 3:30 pm in the Needham conference room.
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Tips on staying Safe on Ice and Snow

This winter we have received quite a bit of snow and with the snow comes icy conditions. Slips and falls on ice account for a large amount of winter injuries.

The Ice and Snow Management Association offers pointers on safety on the snow and ice. They suggest the following:
• Always wear proper footwear that has heavy tread on the bottom.
• See and be seen. Wear sunglasses to see properly and bright or reflective clothing to be seen.
• Walk consciously on icy surfaces. Walk, don’t run!
• Anticipate ice. Surfaces may look wet but may actually be black ice.
• Enter buildings slowly as surfaces may be wet due to melting snow and ice.
• Look up! Watch for snow and ice that may slide off roofs.
Have fun in the snow and enjoy winter activities in our beautiful community and
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